Java Blackjack Simulator (no index)

I developed my Java Blackjack Simulator to provide project opportunities for my AP Computer Science and Advanced Topics in Comp Sci classes.

Blackjack Simulator 1.4 as Eclipse Project

The Simulator includes the features below.

  • Players that can make decisions about main bets, insurance bets and player actions
  • Observers that can observe each face up card, shuffle, player decision and result at the correct relative times
  • Players are observers to facilitate card counting
  • Cards can be dealt from a shoe, a continuous shuffling machine or any other source

The Simulator provides many authentic and engaging project opportunities including those below.

  • Create a player that uses the appropriate basic strategy for the given rules
  • Count cards and bet according while playing basic strategy
  • Incorporate count dependent adjustments to basic strategy
  • Attempt to detect whether other individual players are counting cards
  • Attempt to detect team play
  • Extend the Simulator to include variable rules (ex: early and late surrender, double after split, resplitting, etc)

blackjack.Casino contains the main method. Most of the simulation code is in blackjack.Table. blackjack.players.AbstractBlackjackPlayer is a simple class students can extend to make players that behave in specific ways.

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