Get started with Moodle

Teachers from WWPHSS are welcome to take advantage of my existing Moodle installation to add an online component to their courses. Teachers and tech staff from other districts are welcome to contact me for information about how to setup Moodle.

Moodle is high quality free software maintained by a large group of volunteers from around the world. A copy of the software (which is intended to run on a server, not on your desktop) can be obtained at Many companies have partnered with the authors of the software to offer commercial services such as setting up and maintaining Moodle installations. A list of these companies can be found at

Discover some of Moodle’s many benefits in my other articles on Education.

I am not affiliated with Moodle or any of the companies with which Moodle is affiliated. I do not sell Moodle services nor do I receive any money from the companies that do.