Increase instructional efficiency

Increasing efficiency of instruction enables a teacher to effectively instruct a greater number of students. This makes it possible for a school to offer a a wider variety of courses and for a greater number of students to benefit from each course. In the face of decreased funding, increasing the efficiency of a course can ...

Get started with Moodle

Teachers from WWPHSS are welcome to take advantage of my existing Moodle installation to add an online component to their courses. Teachers and tech staff from other districts are welcome to contact me for information about how to setup Moodle.

Meet IEP and 504 accommodations with Moodle 1

Moodle helps me quickly and easily meet many of the accommodations often required by IEPs and 504 plans. Since most of the accommodations require no additional work per student, I can offer those that are appropriate to all of my students.

Collect and use data from existing assignments to improve instruction

Collect and use data from existing assignments to improve instruction
On Monday, I assigned a review packet for the upcoming AP exam. It contained AP style multiple choice questions covering a wide variety of topics as well as short answer questions typical of those found on real exams. Throughout the next 3 evenings, students entered their answers on Moodle. The students who were absent Monday ...

New Jersey Teacher Tenure 250

New Jersey Teacher Tenure
This post refers solely to tenure of public school teachers in New Jersey. The facts presented may not apply to other positions or in other states. How does a New Jersey teacher acquire tenure? Tenure is established by state law, not by contract. The New Jersey Legislature has the power to modify or eliminate tenure. ...

Web based assessment in K-12 classrooms

Web based assessment in K-12 classrooms
The following is a research paper that I wrote for a graduate class on using data to improve instruction. Appendix A has been removed because the creators of Moodle provide a live demonstration that is far better than the static screenshots from the original paper. (The paper still makes reference to Appendix A; however, the ...