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Private sessions can be structured as needed. Instruction on topics of your choice is available as is help with homework and projects.

  • Choose any AP Computer Science topics
  • AP Computer Science homework help
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Common AP Computer Science Topics

  • Classes and objects
  • Inheritance and polymorphism
  • Arrays and ArrayList
  • The GridWorld Case Study
  • Recursion
  • for, while and foreach loops
  • The String class
  • Interfaces and the compareTo method

Experience working with girls in AP Computer Science

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WWPHSS AP Computer Science Exam Results

CS A Exam 5 4 or higher
2013 96.3% 100%
2012 84.2% 100%
2007 85.0% 95.0%
2006 (my first year) 65.2% 91.3%
2005 (prior to my arrival) 30.4% 78.2%

WWPHSS AP CS Exam Results since 2005

AP Computer Science Tutoring Packages

To meet the needs of students seeking assistance with common AP Computer Science topics I offer tutoring packages with structured sessions. Each package is designed to help students review for the AP Computer Science Exam and succeed in an AP CS course. I offer the packages at a discount from my hourly rate.

Master the GridWorld Case Study (from scratch)

  • Work through the GridWorld Student Manual with a personal guide
  • Practice with commonly tested GridWorld topics, classes and interfaces
  • Use the Quick Reference appropriately

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Master the GridWorld Case Study (prior experience)

  • Review key parts of the GridWorld Student Manual
  • Practice with commonly tested GridWorld topics, classes and interfaces
  • Use the Quick Reference appropriately

Details and pricing for GridWorld packages

Succeed on the AP Computer Science Free Response

  • Become familiar with topics covered every year.
  • Recognize commonly tested problems and refine algorithms to solve them.
  • Approach problems effectively and make appropriate use of time.

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Don’t Fear Recursion

  • Recognize problems with simple recursive solutions
  • Determine the output of recursive programs
  • Recognize and implement recursive algorithms

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I hold a B.S. in Computer Science from the New Jersey Institute of Technology. I’m a New Jersey certified teacher at West Windsor Plainsboro High School South. A brief introduction is available on my About page.

Teams from my classes won the 2007 and 2010 NJIT High School Programming Contests. My students write Java games and mobile phone games as well as other unique and challenging projects using Eclipse, BlueJ, and the command line.

In 2011 & 2012, I was selected as an instructor for Google’s CAPE Program. Together with other top CS educators from around the country, I taught animation, robotics, mobile programming, and other skills to aspiring high school freshmen. Local TV station NY1 featured the New York City CAPE Site at which I taught.

My services offer substantial advantages over tutoring by college students, professors, programmers, and online tutoring conglomerates. I tutor only one subject for which I am extensively qualified. I work with only one student at a time unless a group session has been arranged. My students complete all assignments themselves and develop an understanding of the underlying concepts.

How Online AP Computer Science Tutoring Works

Online AP Computer Science isn’t just more convenient than in person tutoring, it’s also effective. You can work in the environment in which you’re most comfortable. Whether you prefer a 3 monitor setup in your bedroom or a Macbook in your backyard, you aren’t limited to a messy kitchen table.

  1. Share screens with Skype or Google+ Hangouts (no camera needed)
  2. Talk using Skype, Google+ or a regular phone
Online tutoring session with Join Me

Online tutoring session with Join Me - Student's screen is on left

I’m available as an online AP Computer Science tutor anywhere in the world. I’ve worked with students in nearby locations including New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. I’ve also worked with students from different time zones including Texas, California, London and Germany. For those students who prefer, I’m also available as a private in home AP Computer Science tutor in Princeton, West Windsor, Plainsboro, and South Brunswick, New Jersey.

I do not privately tutor my own students. Students currently enrolled in my classes who are seeking help should schedule time with me during their study hall periods, during lunch or in the morning.

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